Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is taking the next stride in its desire to stimulate commercialization of low Earth orbit by transporting a cosmetics organization’s products by air to the International satellite. This task has resulted in many inquiries from different individuals. On a Northrop, amid the luggage, Grumman Cygnus shipment spaceship heading to the ISS on September 29th include ten bottles of face cream from Estee Lauder. The flasks will be snapped in the station’s vault, with the earth as a background, and the company will utilize the photos in their social media and digital marketing campaigns.

According to Stephane de la Faverie, the co-founder of the Estee Lauder Agencies and world brand president of Estee Lauder clarified that many individuals might be asking why a beauty organization is fascinated by sending products to the International Satellite. Moreover, this was during the NASA media press briefing on September 24th. Furthermore, he explained that we are continually searching for the subsequent breakthrough. Also, he mentioned that the activities of NASA to increase space study limits have increasingly inspired his company.

Moreover, De la Faverie mentioned that the photos would be utilized as a fragment of a good story that the company is generating to share with its clients and followers as they aim to take them on a trip to space. Nevertheless, he was unable to emphasize the nature of the story. He finalized by stating that the bottles will be back on earth next season and ready to be given for donations.

Additionally, the director of commercial spaceflight development at NASA named Phil McAlister mentioned that NASA space pilots will take pictures of the cosmetics in the cupola but will not appear in the photos. Likewise, the astronauts will not obtain any supplementary payment for the work. Also, Estee Lauder will pay the National Aeronautics and Space Administration about 128,000 USD for the bottles’ logistics.

However, the Estee Lauder payment is a section of a broader aim by NASA to assist the commercialization of LEO as it looks into finally moving from the ISS to commercial spacecraft. A section of that program said in the sixth month of 2019, it sets aside about 5% of the NASA ISS possessions to use profitable projects. Finally, he said that they would need clients apart from NASA to support their activities for those endpoints to be continuous.

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