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Singer Dave, hospitalized after a “heavy fall”


Singer Dave, 77, has been hospitalized since Tuesday due to “a heavy fall at home“, which compels him to “cancel all commitments for the next few weeks“, said his press officer, François Troller, Thursday, January 27.

Hospitalized since Tuesday evening in the Paris region, the interpreter, known in particular for the tubes On the Swann side Where Vaninahad several dates planned in February and March in the north of France.

He was also to promote “Noce d’or”, a four-disc box containing 90 of his most famous songs, as well as titles sung by her husband and lyricist, Patrick Loiseau.

“Variety singer”

“I’m a variety singer and proud of it,” Dave told AFP in 2019, attributing his popularity to his way of approaching life, with fun, wielding little spades on show biz and self- derision. “I have a good tongue and I find it very easy to say big French words, not those of my native language! And if I’m caustic, it’s with a good heart!”, He assured. And to conclude: “My vocal cords allow me to earn a living. It’s better than being an old whore! (laughs)”.

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No further information has been released on his current status. However, his fans will be able to find him “this Saturday, in 50 Minutes Inside, for an interview recorded just before this accident”, indicates his agent.

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