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Should we fall for alcohol… without alcohol?


While non-alcoholic beers and Champomy have been around for a long time, other alcoholic beverages are now offering a new version. Whereas alcohol-free month endsmany French people have tried this Dry January again this year.

As 60 million consumers explain, beverage manufacturers have not lost a crumb of this alcohol-free month. The perfect opportunity to promote new drinks. For this, the distributors have made a tailor-made selection with non-alcoholic beers but also wines, ready-made cocktails and spirits with a content between 0 and 0.5% alcohol. For example, Martini now comes in “non-alcoholic”. Same bottle, same cap, same color, this non-alcoholic drink takes up the codes of its big sister with alcohol.

Beware of confusion

“Symbolically, we establish the fact that, when we party, we drink champagne. a form of transition to alcohol“, warns Bernard Basset, president of Addictions France quoted by 60 million consumers. Drinks which therefore tend to normalize consumption of alcohol among the youngest, as Public Health France warns: “These products could facilitate a transition to the consumption of alcoholic beverages”.

Experts recommending no more than ten standard drinks of alcohol per week and no more than two standard drinks per day. All while respecting at least two days of total abstinence. 60 Million Consumers wondered about the risks of succumbing to these drinks for people dependent on alcohol. “On a purely chemical level, there is no alcohol, so you cannot say that these drinks are dangerous. But it is the advertising message and the confusion that it installs which can weaken people”, summarizes the president of Addictions France, Bernard Basset quoted by the association.

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