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Second Life attempts a strong return to the Metaverse


secondlife, it’s a bit the Metavers before the Metavers. The once cult social network is about to get a makeover in order to regain a bit of energy in the face of the Metaverse of Meta and the variations of the concept that have already become Roblox or even Fortnite.

Philip Rosedale, the creator of Second Life, has just announced that part of the team of developers from his new company High Fidelity will get back to work to give Second Life a second life. For the occasion, Rosedale becomes the strategic adviser of Second Life, as a return to the sources in a way. We can therefore count on improved graphics, new avatars, and an improvement in NFT-type financialization mechanics (already very present in Second Life).

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Created nearly 20 years ago (in 2003 to be exact), Second Life laid the foundations of what is now called the Metavers, way ahead of its time, i.e. a social network hybridized with a virtual world where individuals meet through their personalized avatars.

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