Home World News Sanctions against the Russian oligarchs: “immobility may be their way out”

Sanctions against the Russian oligarchs: “immobility may be their way out”


” We have […] identified all Russian personalities with assets in France, which could be added to these European sanctions because of their proximity to Russian power, and we will equip ourselves with the legal means to seize all of these assets”announced the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, this Monday, February 28.

In addition to the exclusion of certain Russian banks from the Swift system and the freezing of Central Bank assets, Western countries are attacking the oligarchs, those billionaires who control the Russian economy. But even if these personalities see their fortunes melting away, they could continue to support Vladimir Putin, or at least not oppose his war policy head-on, according to Carole Grimaud-Potter, professor of geopolitics of Russia at the University of Montpelier. Maintenance.

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Marianne : The European Union has presented a list of nearly 500 Russian entities, whose assets will be frozen. Among them are many oligarchs. Who are they and what ties do they have with Vladimir Putin?

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