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Samsung restricts the performance of 10,000 applications on its Galaxy


Samsung’s smartphones, namely the Galaxy, are responsible for limiting the performance of 10,000 diverse and varied applications. The objective seems to be to relieve the battery to offer better autonomy, but the Korean manufacturer has not said anything publicly, hence the problem. There is also no setting to disable this behavior.

Clamping at Samsung with 10,000 applications

Several owners with a Galaxy smartphone have noticed that 10,000 applications have restricted performance due to Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service. This is responsible for optimizing the performance of the phone so that the gaming experience is good. The problem is that it is not possible to deactivate it and Samsung remains very vague about it.

The list of restricted apps includes Instagram, Netflix, TikTok, and even some apps from Google. Samsung has also included some of its own apps, including Pay, Secure Folder, and others. And another discovery: the benchmark applications are not present in the list.

A YouTuber did a test by changing the name of 3DMark and putting the name of an application present in the list. The result is clear: it is twice as efficient in this configuration, while the application is the same. Just the name has been changed.

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In view of the many testimonials from Galaxy users and the fact that the story is starting to be talked about, Samsung has opened an internal investigation. But the manufacturer has still not spoken publicly.

A similar story at OnePlus

Last year, OnePlus was also caught red-handed in the process of restricting the performance of applications on its smartphones. The manufacturer then acknowledged doing so to do good for autonomy. He then announced that the clamping would become optional with a future update. Will the story be similar on Samsung’s side?

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