Home Technology RuTube, the “Russian YouTube”, is inaccessible following a major cyberattack

RuTube, the “Russian YouTube”, is inaccessible following a major cyberattack


RuTube, which is the equivalent of YouTube in Russia, has been inaccessible since the beginning of the week following a major cyberattack. According to the service, it is directly related to the celebrations of May 9, 1945.

A major cyberattack targets RuTube

RuTube’s site, usually saturated with video content, currently displays a black image, with this short message: ” Attention ! The site performs technical work. The site has been attacked. For the moment, the situation is under control. User data has been saved ».

The cyberattack was launched on Monday, on the sidelines of Russian celebrations. “Someone really wanted to stop RuTube from showing the VE Day parade and celebratory fireworks”said RuTube. “It is not a sin to remember the battles our men have won. The battle for RuTube continues ». The site described the cyberattack as the worst in its history.

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RuTube said a team was working to restore the service and denied reports that it had lost the site’s source code.

On Monday, Ukrainian media also reported, with photos, a hacking of the broadcast systems of Russian television channels MTS, NTV-Plus, Rostelecom and Winx to display the message “The blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of their killed children is on your hands. Television and the authorities lie. No to war ».

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