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“Russophobes”, the Ukrainians? Poutinophobes especially!


On the first day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, the offensive swept south to the small island of Zmiinyi (Snake Island), located off the port city of Odessa. A Russian warship approached the 16 ha rocky confetti, summoning by radio the Ukrainians present to surrender. “This is the Russian warship. Appointment […] Otherwise, we will attack. Well received ? » In the audio recording, the soldiers are distinctly heard reacting: ” It’s finish. We send them to fuck themselves? » asks a male voice soberly. ” Off chance… “, a female voice replies. The officer then turns up the volume, and launches: “Russian warship, fuck you!” » The 13 border guards were finally arrested by the Russian navy, and not killed as the Ukrainian government had claimed. Soon going viral around the world, the exchange took place in Russian. Since then, in the form of a challenge, a multitude of jokes have been circulating on social networks, using the formula of the “heroes of Zmiinyi”. Like traffic signs, which would send invaders “fuck off, straight, left, and back to Russia”. Always in Russian, of course… More than a dozen sequences, filmed on mobile phones, also show Ukrainians, some of whom claim to be Russian citizens, violently challenging invading soldiers, who are rather embarrassed, to tell them that they have nothing to do there. Still in Russian.

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