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Results: IBM is moving again and shows solid sales growth in Q4 2021


Once giant and unavoidable, IBM has become over the decades a “big” computer company almost in the soft underbelly of American tech, at least in terms of turnover and profits. IBM is therefore stagnating, to the point that its earnings publications have become an excellent soporific as nothing seems to want to shake the former Big Blue. But not this time. the publication of the results for the fourth quarter of 2021 brings a little surprise: IBM is still moving!

Revenue thus climbed by 6.5% over one year (compared to barely +0.3% for Q3 2021), even though the company recently separated from a good part of its infrastructure oriented business and business services (a $19 billion deal). As for profits, it’s even better since IBM recorded a net profit of 2.9 billion dollars over the period, an increase of +183% over one year!

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The group’s reorientation towards the cloud is therefore beginning to bear fruit, even if with 16.7 billion in turnover in Q4, IBM is now a stone’s throw from the economic weight of GAFAM. What matters in the end since growth is back. CEO Arvind Krishna, who succeeded Ginni Rometty in 2019, did not hesitate to cut unprofitable divisions (such as Watson Health) and organize new cloud services around Red Hat (acquired by IBM in 2018 to $34 billion). These cloud services brought in no less than $6.2 billion in Q4 (+18% over one year!).

Finally, we note that IBM also signs a third consecutive quarter of growth (+3%, +0.3% and +6.5% therefore), which had not happened for… some time. Big Blue, the return? It was time !

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