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Real estate: what kind of homes is Warren Buffett looking for in Italy


Among the latest bets of Warren Buffett, number one of Berkshire Hathawaythe Italian real estate sector. For some years now the famous American financier, known for being also one of the richest men in the world, has focused the spotlight on the Italian brick in the luxury segment, a sector that has shown good resistance to the crisis caused by the Covid health emergency.

Luxury real estate: the new trends

But what are the trends of the real estate market luxury for 2022? According to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, a real estate network that belongs to the Buffett holding, which operates in Italy in partnership with Maggi Properties, technology and attention to health and psychophysical well-being have changed the desires of luxury buyers.

This is what emerges from the Global Luxury Landscape report 2021 by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – international brokerage network Homes will continue to stand out with tailor-made solutions that are increasingly technological and futuristic, among which devices dedicated to the Smart Home stand out. Psycho-physical well-being, top priority after two years of the pandemic, will also have a significant impact: top buyers are in fact looking for homes that integrate home health solutions, essential for personal health.

Smart Home essential for luxury homes

According to the analysis by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, of the 120 million homes in the United States, 42 million already have integrated home automation solutions, while another 20 will implement them by the end of this year.

Even in Italy there is one strong growth of interest in Smart Home solutions: according to the observatory Internet of Things of the Politecnico di Milano, in 2018 the market reached a value of 380 million euros, with a growth of more than 50% compared to the previous year, where smart speakers and voice assistants dominate. High-tech investments, in addition to improving and simplifying people’s lives, add value to buildings, avoid waste and reduce consumption, thanks to smart thermostats and leak detectors.

In some cases, the installation of certain systems can increase the energy class of the entire property, while other solutions, such as video surveillance systems, on the other hand, increase the sense of security and comfort of the buyers. As smart devices become a standard, the luxury market continues to stand out with increasingly tailor-made and contactless solutions: people will be able to move from one room to another followed by home lights or their favorite playlist without having to touch any switch or activate any device.

If the Metaverse is one of the most discussed trends for 2022, homes will also offer ad hoc solutions to meet the needs of luxury buyers. The requests for immersive spaces, environments equipped with technologies that allow users to participate in digital and virtual reality experiences. In the last year, the demand for Oculus rooms has increased dramatically, rooms with special seats that allow you to make the best use of applications for VR viewers, and spaces in which to project 3D images. Futuristic solutions that allow you to participate in engaging experiences such as concerts and visit museums or, why not, work by exploiting parallel reality.

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Healthy Home: increasingly popular

The concept of a “healthy home” is gaining more and more popularity among property owners and for many, housing has become the primary means of promoting health and protecting it. The interest in holistic well-being has exponentially increased the need to take care of oneself even within the home.

The buyers are looking for properties that encourage healthier habits. From here the proliferation of home gymse, which have become a real necessity from value-added service, while houses with swimming pools or tennis courts are increasingly in demand. Also important is the availability of hot tubs, compact saunas, emotional showers and mini-pools that transform a corner of the house into a domestic SPA.

According to the study by COGNITION Smart Data (CDS), the Millennial buyer segment has conquered the position of top influencer in the real estate sector, proving to be more inclined than any other segment of the public to spend on the purchase and renovation of a property. 41% of them say they are interested in having one meditation room, for this the designers began to study spaces dedicated to yoga and mindfulness, decompression places designed to enhance natural lighting and accompany circadian rhythms in order to counterbalance the stress that has been transferred to domestic spaces from long periods of lockdown and smart working.

Finally, i air filtration and ventilation devices, along with ultraviolet cleaning systems, have become top priorities for luxury property buyers. For years there has been talk of the importance of indoor air quality and the problem of indoor pollution, but the issue exploded during the health crisis and led to an ever-increasing growth in the demand for dedicated devices. These technologies allow you to filter, sanitize and clean the air, as well as eliminate pollutants, bacteria and harmful particles. Furthermore, they help reduce bad smells and eliminate allergens present in domestic environments, making the air healthier.

“The last few years, characterized by the pandemic, have redefined the luxury of the real estate sector. Today we spend more time in our homes which often also become offices. For this reason, users are looking for comfort solutions that allow them to have everything at their fingertips, from the swimming pool to the spa, from the gym to spaces to devote to their passions. Technology has made enormous strides and home automation solutions will become essential, involving increasingly contactless solutions capable of simplifying everyday life, such as smart locks and latest generation video surveillance systems “. He adds Marcus Benussi, Managing Partner & General Counsel of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – MAGGI Properties. “As far as investments are concerned, these trends have an advantage on real estate because they actually increase its market value. We expect that, also thanks to tax incentives, many renovations will allow for the addition of Smart Home improvements. Devices that will now become the absolute standard for new homes “.

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