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Quirinal elections, the possible premier if Draghi goes to Colle


When there are three days left before the voting for the Colle, the discussion of the parties focuses not only on the Quirinale but also on Palazzo Chigi. Waiting for that Silvio Berlusconi dissolve the reserve, the candidacy of the current premier Mario Draghi it is seen by many as one of the most likely destinations, in light of the political fragmentation that reigns in Parliament.

But if Draghi went up to Colle, what would be the fate of the government? Among the names in circulation in these hours, they stand out the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia and the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini. Another hot name as a possible new government leader is that of minister for technological innovation and digital transition, Vittorio Colao. The manager, former CEO of Vodafone, is considered a figure capable of continuing the work of the Draghi government, guaranteeing the path of the PNRR and the various related reforms.
There was also talk of the hypothesis that it could be the economy minister Daniele Franco to preside over the executive, but at the moment, according to rumors, it seems to be discarded.

In short, the hypothesis of a government reshuffle seems a plausible path. Reshuffle, what a second The messenger however, it could also happen in the event that Mario Draghi remains prime minister and someone else is elected president of the Republic. The parties are in fact pushing to replace various government boxes and have a greater weight within the executive. Among the outgoing ministers would be the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani and that of Infrastructures Enrico Giovannini. The Minister of the Interior is also in the balance Luciana Lamorgese.

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Financial Times blesses Draghi at the Quirinale

Meanwhile, while the outcome of the Corsa al Quirinale is still shrouded in fog, the Financial Times blesses Draghi’s candidacy for the Quirinale. “There reformist premiership by Mario Draghi is nearing the end “, but” the passage to the presidency of Italy appears to be the best way to carry on the excellent work “so far carried out by the former president of the ECB, reads an unsigned editorial.

“Italy under the leadership of Mario Draghi has enjoyed an exceptional period of stability and success”, writes the Financial Times, recalling the achievements of the government in the fight against the pandemic, in terms of economic recovery and reforms, supported by the substantial package of European aid. Thanks to the political-institutional calendar, Draghi’s “reformist premiership”, writes the FT, risks “with disappointment” to be “short”.

The City’s financial newspaper therefore invites the parties that have so far supported Draghi’s government action to take responsibility for the implementation of the NRP in front of Europe.

“The problem is that without him the government could skid or even fall.” Taking into account the political framework underlying the choice of the new President of the Republic, the FT also underlines the “divisive” candidacy of former Prime Minister Sivlio Berlusconi, who in the opinion of the newspaper “does not have the integrity necessary for the position”.

The “worst” outcome would be early elections, that would “derail” the Italian reforms and recovery plan. “In these circumstances, it would be better to have Draghi in the presidency to use the considerable powers and moral suasion of his office to keep the country on track.” Choosing a new prime minister “will be difficult”, underlines the Ft. But, “all the main parties, except the right wing of the Brothers of Italy, signed a contract with the EU when they agreed on the recovery plan. Now, the newspaper concludes, “they have to take it upon themselves”.

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