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Quirinal election, today a decisive day?


The fifth session joint of the Chambers for the election of the President of the Republic. After 4 days in which the main political forces have not yet managed to find an agreement on a shared name due to cross vetoes, the center-right forces seem willing to bring one of their candidates to the court today.

According to rumors filtered in these hours it could be the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati or the former magistrate of Venice Carlo Nordio. A majority of 505 votes is required for the election of the president, which at the moment none of the sides in the field has on paper. Without considering the possibility of snipers.

Quirinal election, a distant agreement for Draghi al Colle

For the moment the hypothesis of finding an agreement on the name of Mario Draghi (theThe favorite from a poll of Wall Street Italia readers) for its ascent to the Colle still seems far away. A decision that cascades into the formation of a new governmentwith a new premier and perhaps even the risk of early elections (especially wanted by Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy). A move that requires a further effort from the political forces in the field that at the moment they do not seem able to support.

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Yesterday the head of the government filtered a denial to the thesis according to which he would condition his stay in the government on the election of this or that president of the Republic. Or the thesis according to which, annoyed by a failure to climb the Colle, he would leave his post as prime minister. His willingness to serve the institutions remains intact.

The election to the Quirinale of a President of the Republic with one majority other than the one that brought Draghi to Palazzo Chigi, it would represent an anomaly that could negatively reflect on the government’s action in the coming months.

Meanwhile it spread BTP / Bundthe market thermometer, rose to 140 points yesterday, a sign that investors are starting to show some nervousness about the stalemate that is paralyzing Italian politics.

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