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Quirinal election: the full nomination for the post-Mattarella starts


Four days after the first ballot for the election of the new President of the Republic, there is thick fog on the candidate he could replace Sergio Mattarella. There are still many knots to be resolved in view of the upcoming vote.
On the one hand, the organizational complications that the coronavirus pandemic brings with it; on the other hand, to find a figure who is able to bring all political currents together. Few other times in the history of the Republic has the election of the President of the Republic been so uncertain.

President elections: the favorite candidates

Among the big favorites in the race for the Quirinale there is the current Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, but in this case there are quite significant obstacles to be addressed. First of all, Conte and Salvini, who want him to remain at the head of the government. The problem would then arise of finding a replacement.

Another hot name on the list is that of Silvio Berlusconi. Although at the moment it does not seem to have the numbers to reach the majority. Also from the center-right appears the name of Giuliano Amato, as a possible alternative to the Knight. Among the various names emerges that of Pier Ferdinando Casini, experienced and experienced politician, as well as senator of the Italian Republic since 2018. Among the best known faces there is also that of Dario Franceschini, Minister of Culture of the Draghi Government, Paolo Gentiloni, Romano Prodi but also the name of Walter Veltroni.

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Among the women, the name of Marta Cartabia, Minister of Justice of the Draghi government. But also Maria Elisabetta Casellati, President of the Senate, e Letizia Moratti, a figure very close to Silvio Berlusconi.

What happens in the event of an impasse at the Colle

So all that remains is to wait for next week. The first vote is set for December 24th. In the meantime, it is considered which of the solutions should be resorted to if on February 3, the day on which the term of office of the current President of the Republic ends, the Parliament failed to elect his successor.

Extension of Mattarella at the Quirinale or replacement of the President of the Senate Casellati? This is a question to which various observers are applying these days, given the impasse over the choice of names for the Colle, and given that there are no precedents in republican history and a specific rule is missing in the Constitution. On the Charter there are two paragraphs that suggest one or the other solution. Among the constitutionalists there are those who favor the “prorogatio” of Mattarella and who for the replacement of the president of the Senate Casellati, with a prevalence for the first hypothesis.

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