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Quirinal election: how much Mattarella’s successor will earn


It officially opens in a few days, on January 24th, the left for the Quirinale with the choice of the new President of the Republic which will succeed Sergio Mattarella.

According to the Constitution, he can be elected President of the Republic every citizen who has reached fifty years of age and enjoys civil and political rights. The office of President of the Republic is incompatible with any other office and the President’s check and endowment are determined by law.

President of the Republic: how much does he earn

On the Quirinale website you can browse the balance for the presidency of the Republic. As can be seen from the forecasts for the three-year period 2021-2023, last year the annual budget was 224 million euros and this figure will remain so for the next two years. But this figure does not all go to the Head of State.
In fact, approximately 0.11% is allocated to the President 239 thousand euros per year, 18,300 euros per month with the thirteenth. The rest is spent to maintain the entire Presidency, the employees of the Quirinale, the maintenance of the buildings, the residences, the gardens.

How much do other heads of state earn

Among the richest heads of state in the world we find the former chancellor Angela Merkel, with monthly figures almost three times those that Mattarella has received so far and that his successor will receive.
Following the Queen Elizabeth II of England, which every year brings in its royal coffers almost 90 million euros. In Singapore, where the head of state earns $ 1.61 million a year. Joe BidenInstead, he earns $ 400,000 annually to serve as President of the United States of America.

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