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Quirinal election: follow the live vote in the Chamber


They started at Room in joint session the elections of the 13th President of the Republic.

The election of the President of the Republic takes place for secret ballot by a majority of two thirds of the assembly. In the first three ballots the qualified majority two thirds of the assembly, equal to 673 voters out of 1,009; from the fourth ballot onwards, the absolute majority (half plus one of the big voters), equal to 505 voters out of 1,009 (article 83 of the Constitution). The presidents of the two houses of Parliament do not participate in the vote.

While igniting the toto-name it is worth mentioning a few basic notions as regards the election of the Head of State, also in light of the new and stringent anti-Covid rules.

The anti Covid rules

Is provided only one vote per day, compared to the traditional two, in the morning and in the afternoon and access to the Chamber of Deputies will be allowed only if in possession of a “basic” Green pass, it will take place from the left side of the hemicycle with a maximum of 50 electors at a time.
We will vote for time slots, in alphabetical order, starting with life senators, senators, deputies and regional delegates. They will be 50 voters are admitted to the Chamber at a time, while for the count the maximum capacity is 200 people. According to what has been leaked so far, it is estimated that the 50 admitted voters will have 11 minutes to express themselves, then the other 50 will leave and enter. Overall, 4 and a half hours have been foreseen between the voting and counting phases.

Given the difficulty in being able to sanitize them, the traditional wooden bier with felt curtain inside which those entitled to cast their vote will be replaced by four new polling booths with the urn to deposit the ballot paper equipped with a ventilation system.

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