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Quirinal election: financial advisors want Draghi as president


Quirinal election: financial advisors want Draghi as president

by Giovanni Ricci, Mikaline Research – www.mikaline.it

Mikaline Research’s investigation highlights the preferences linked to the future President of the Republic by financial advisors. This is an extremely relevant professional category because it links the life and financial projects and plans of individuals and families with the trends in the financial markets themselves. Given the economic implications that the choice of the new president could have, their hope is particularly interesting.

But let’s see in detail both how the sample under investigation was composed and what the results were.

The two questions addressed to 1074 Financial Advisors in business and statistically representative of the category of professionals enrolled in the dedicated register (OCF), were focused “primarily” on the preference towards one of the potential candidates for the Colle, according to the possible repercussions on the financial context and on the possible emotional reactions of investors on the markets. Subsequently, the professional was asked the main motivation linked to the choice of that candidate.

The sample was built on the parameters of sex, age and geographical area of ​​belonging and the practice of the profession by the consultant.

We come to the overall results; the most voted candidate was the current Prime Minister Mario Draghi: “…you need a person above all parts and with great experience, without skeletons in the closet… “; “… International prestige and moral integrity … “; “… from the point of view of the markets and of our work, he would be the right person, as long as a trusted person goes to the government …”

These are the main reasons revealed in the interviews in favor of Mario Draghi.

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The current prime minister is closely followed by Silvio Berlusconi, (today as we know no longer among the most eligible candidates) the two candidates are respectively 28.3% and 24.1% of the preferences. About Berlusconi it has been said: “… Because he is a long-time strategist and politician and is the first Italian entrepreneur …”; “… because he is the right man at the right time, we need an important turn to restart …”; a figure that would give sparkle to the presidency of the republic … “

There third choice it fell on the current Minister of Justice of the Draghi Government Marta Cartabia, first woman chosen among the eligible candidates for the Colle with 13.6% of the preferences. In total, female candidates collected just under 30% of the preferences granted by Financial Advisors.

But if we analyze the cross-section of the sample of interviewees between men and women, the preferences given by the “fair sex” to candidates of the same gender, overall rises to 42.1%, and in particular the Minister Marta Cartabia (also in this case before female choice), receives 17.3% of the votes from women consultants. These are the reasons that favor it: “… in my opinion the innovative solution and forward, the markets would appreciate …”; “… to break the male monopoly at the presidency of the Republic …”; “… seriousness and dedication to work, a woman is essential for a quick and lasting restart …”

Draghi and Berlusconi (but in general all male candidates), lose several percentage points (respectively -3.5% and -4.5%) from the female cluster of consultants to the advantage of all other female candidates.

In fourth choice falls on Sergio Mattarella (also out of the game) with 8.6% of “score “, chosen with a slight preference by male financial advisors. This has been said about him: “… he has done well in recent years, he knows the situation, he is a person of great values ​​…”; knows the situation, institutional man, guarantees stability … “

After the current President of the Republic Mattarella, the candidate most voted by the consultants is Paolo Gentiloni to 5% of preferences; “… pro-European and serious person capable of representing the country …”; “… We absolutely need a pro-European like him…”; “… serious and poised, he has built an excellent reputation in Europe …”

Below we have in sequence: Liliana Segre with 4.7%, Emma Bonino with 4.1%, Maria Elisabetta Casellati at 4% (Casellati who in the cluster of female consultants reaches the same result as Mattarella at 7.5% in fourth position), closes Letizia Moratti at 3%.

Few preferences collect Pier Ferdinando Casini, Giuliano Amato And Romano Prodi.

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In conclusion, the financial advisor looks mainly at a candidate who can give stability to the country and the markets. The word “stability” it was found in 73.8% of the interviews carried out while the stem “europ (a)” with all its endings was reported by telephone operators in 62.6% of the interviews transcribed.

On the other hand, a good number, 28.2% of Financial Advisors, perhaps seeing more than a few opportunities on the markets, motivated the choice of candidates with propositions such as “breaking of patterns“,” Change from routine “,” strong message “,” panache“,” Disruption “, referring mainly to Cavaliere Berlusconi and to female candidates.

The time for one does not seem ripe yet Woman President of the Republic. However, there are signs of change and they are also strong.

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