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Quirinal election: all the numbers you need to know


The D-day has arrived for the election of the next President of the Republic at the Quirinale. The appointment for the great voters called to elect the President of the Republic is set for today, Monday 24 January, at 15 in the Chamber. The first vote will be preceded by a dense series of political appointments and meetings to define strategies and moves on which there is still great uncertainty.

But who are the big electors?

The President of the Republic will be elected by 1009 electors who are:

  • 321 senators
  • 630 deputies
  • 58 regional delegates, three for each Region, with the exception of Valle d’Aosta which has one, designated so that the representation of minorities is ensured.

Quirinal election: voting

In the first three ballots (therefore from Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 January) it is necessary to be elected the quorum of two thirds of the members of the Assembly, that is to say 673 votes, from the fourth the absolute majority of the voters, or 505 votes, will be sufficient.

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Distant majority for both large sides

At the moment no party has the numbers to be able to elect the President alone, even when the roof goes down.

The center right starts from 414. In particular, the League can count on 64 senators and 133 deputies; Forza Italia out of 50 senators and 79 deputies; Brothers of Italy out of 21 senators and 37 deputies. Overall 384 parliamentarians, 383 considering that it is customary for the President of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati, not to vote, to which 32 regional delegates probably should be added, for a total of 415 electors.

The On the other hand, the Giallorossi team can field 382 parliamentarians (381 if the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico is not considered): 74 senators and 158 deputies (157 excluding Fico) M5S; 38 senators and 94 Pd deputies; 6 senators and 12 deputies Leu. Adding 24 regional delegates to 406, which would reach 408 when Senator Porta is added and if the Democratic Party wins the seat vacated by Gualtieri.

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They will therefore be decisive the other 94 major voters from the mixed group or not enrolled in any component. Voters who do not respond to any indication of the party and it is difficult to take them for certain in a calculation of majorities.

In the end 6 are senators for life: Giorgio Napolitano and Elena Cattaneo, registered in the Autonomy Group; Mario Monti And Liliana Segre, in the Mixed Group; Renzo Piano And Carlo Rubbia, not registered in any Group.

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