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Public debt, for Mastella “as a guarantee there are the savings of the Italians”


“To guarantee the country’s debt there are the savings of Italians”. This is the phrase we never wanted to hear – He pronounces it Clemente Mastella in the show Quarta Repubblica Speciale elections in which I participated last night on Rete4.
I am speaking of the Public Debt, of the dependence that the country lives in this direction with respect to Europe and beyond. I speak of the urgency and the emergency of avoiding that the country gives a sign of uncertainty, even in the election of the President of the Republic. I say that uncertainty does not help the markets that could make their voices heard.

We hope that not all politicians feel the same way. However, every now and then someone takes up the subject, as if there patrimonial on the savings of the Italians it was a latent project to be applied sooner or later.

The fact is that phrases like these create even more important rifts between savers and the institutions that should represent them rather than oppress them. Let’s not forget that article 47 of the Italian constitution quotes verbatim:

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“The republic encourages and protects savings in all its forms; disciplines, coordinates and controls the exercise of credit. It favors the access of popular savings to home ownership, to direct agricultural ownership and indirect share investment in the large production complexes of the country “.

It would be enough to have followed these few lines in a slavish manner because Italy could have become one of the economically strongest countries in the world. And instead to think that the guarantee of the public debt can be represented by the sacrifice made by so many people becomes a real pickaxe on the little bit of trust that has remained in the country.

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