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[#Promo] Sosh, SFR RED and B&You packages up to 130 GB from €9.99/month


Sosh, SFR RED and B&You (Bouygues Telecom) are currently offering promotions on their mobile plans with a first price of €9.99/month. It is interesting for small budgets.

Current promotions at Sosh

At Sosh, a no-commitment mobile plan at €9.99/month is currently available. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as an Internet quota of 20 GB. It is also possible to use your plan from Europe and the overseas departments with the same conditions, except that the envelope for Internet is 10 GB. The second package at €13.99/month includes 60 GB in France and 12 GB abroad. And for the third package at €14.99/month, there are 80 GB in France and 10 GB abroad.

Mobile plans are available on the Sosh site until January 31 at 9 a.m.

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The best from SFR RED

On the SFR RED side, the first package is €10/month, but has the advantage of including 40 GB of Internet in France and 7 GB from abroad. For the second package at €13/month, it’s 70 GB in France and 12 GB from abroad. Those who need more can take the €15/month package with 100 GB in France and 14 GB abroad, or the €19/month package with 130 GB in France and 15 GB from the overseas departments/Europe.

The offers are valid until January 24 on the SFR RED website.

Promo SFR RED Plans January 2022

Similar offers at Bouygues Telecom

Finally, there is Bouygues Telecom with its B&You packages. They are identical to those of SFR, whether in terms of features or prices. Note, however, that there are some advantages for Internet abroad depending on the packages with 16 GB for the offer at €9.99/month, 15 GB for the offer at €14.99/month and 20 GB for the one at €18.99/month.

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All promotional packages are available on the Bouygues Telecom website until January 25.

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