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PNRR: 45 goals to be achieved in the first six months of 2022


I am 45 goals of the PNRR, the National Resilience and Resistance Plan, which must be implemented by first six months of the current year. These were identified by yesterday’s CDM which, as Ansa reports, “made a detailed survey of the situation relating to the main PNRR objectives for the first half of the year”.
Sources close to Palazzo Chigi reveal that of the 45 objectives “expected by June 2022, three have already been achieved “.

PNRR: tax reform is also among the targets

Among these 45 targets that the various ministries will have to achieve by June, in order to unlock the second installment of the Recovery funds before the summer, most are of a environmentaltherefore the responsibility of the Ministry of ecological transition, but the Departments of Culture, Mise, Mims, Education, Mef, Interior are also involved.
Among these targets we find “savings objectives of the spending review for the years 2023-2025, also for finance a tax reform or pro-growth public spending reforms, adopt a national program for waste management, but also reform the organization of local healthcare ”.

“In 2022 Italy must achieve a total of 100 objectives for the PNRR of which 83 milestones and 17 targets. Of these, 45 are to be achieved by 30 June 2022, to which a repayment installment of 24.13 billion is linked, and 55 by 31 December 2022, for which a repayment installment of 21.83 billion is associated “. This was announced by sources from Palazzo Chigi at the end of the CDM. “All central administrations are involved” in reaching “milestones and targets for 2022”, the sources specify.

PNRR: what it is and what it involves

As the Mef announces, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) it is inserted within the program Next Generation EU (NGEU), the 750 billion euro package, roughly half made up of grants, agreed by the European Union in response to the pandemic crisis. The main component of the NGEU program is the Recovery and Resilience Device (Recovery and Resilience FacilityRRF), which has a duration of six years, from 2021 to 2026, and a total size of 672.5 billion euros (312.5 grants, the remaining 360 billion low-interest loans).

Overall, around 248 billion euros will therefore be available. In addition to these resources, there are those made available by the REACT-EU program which, as required by EU legislation, are spent in the years 2021-2023. These are funds for an additional 13 billion

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The PNRR is essentially an intervention that intends to repair the economic and social damage of the pandemic crisis, help resolve the structural weaknesses of the Italian economy, and accompany the country on a path of ecological and environmental transition. The PNRR will contribute substantially to reduce territorial, generational and gender gaps.

The Plan is divided into 6 Missions, or main thematic areas on which to intervene, identified in full coherence with the 6 pillars of the Next Generation EU. The resources allocated in the Plan amount to 191.5 billion euros, divided into six missions which are:

  • Digitization, innovation, competitiveness and culture – 40.32 billion
  • Green revolution and ecological transition – 59.47 billion
  • Infrastructure for sustainable mobility – 25.40 billion
  • Education and research – 30.88 billion
  • Inclusion and cohesion – 19.81 billion
  • Health – 15.63 billion

The Plan allocates 82 billion to the South of the 206 billion that can be distributed according to the territorial criterion (for a share therefore of 40 per cent) and also provides for a significant investment in young people and women.

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“Italy has achieved the 51 objectives of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan agreed with the European Commission with a deadline of 31 December 2021”. This was announced in December by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, during the traditional press conference at the end of the year, counting the achievement of the objectives among the three key results of his government, together with the success of the vaccination campaign and the delivery of the PNRR itself on time.

“Today I can tell you that we have achieved all 51 objectives (…) Italy must combine imagination, planning skills and concreteness, to deliver a more modern country to the next generations, within a stronger and more supportive Europe.

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