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PlayStation VR 2: games announced, likely titles, and our big expectations (trailers)


the PlayStation VR 2 is on track. It is not yet known if the second version of the VR helmet of sony will be there for the end of year celebrations 2022, but we can already get a little idea of ​​the toy library that should quickly accommodate the dedicated accessory of the PS5. To better navigate, we have listed the games that will be available, the titles that will most likely land on the headset… and our expectations, i.e. the games that we would like to see on the support even if there is no indication that will actually be the case.

Games that have already been announced for the PlayStation VR 2

  • As strange as it may seem, only 4 games have been officially announced for PSVR2 so far:

Horizon Call of the Mountain : this game (a priori action adventure) will be in the same lore as the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West. the teaser is very promising, but we hope above all that it will be a “real” game with a good lifespan and not just a “special” episode closer to the VR experience. The development having been entrusted to Firespirit rather than Guerrilla Games (it is true not specialized in VR games at the base), so we are both enthusiastic… and cautious.

runner : the Truant Pixel studio has been developing this (futuristic) motorcycle pursuit game for several years, whose AD mixes influences from Japanese anime (we think of Akira) and cyberpunk. Interesting, even if it’s probably not this kind of game that will fully exploit the capabilities of the PS5-PSVR2 combo.

Samurai Slaughter House : this title from the indie studio Tab Games puts the player in the shoes of a samurai with a sharp… and bloody saber. We note a black and white DA with a rather distinct style (hum…). The game will also be released on PCVR and Meta Quest 2.

LOW-FI : here is another VR title in development for many years, but which should be ready for the launch of Sony’s headset. Cyberpunk atmosphere à la Blade Runner for this title with impressive environments. If the gameplay follows, we could well have a game here that will avenge us for the (relative) disappointment of Cyberpunk 2077.

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The games that will probably be available on the PlayStation VR 2

These “probable” games fall into two categories, that of ports of existing PlayStation VR games, and that of unannounced titles that have a very good chance of being added to the PSVR 2 catalog.

  • Highly probable carries:

Astro Bot : spearhead of the first PSVR of the name, the mascot of Asobi will necessarily return in a version new-gen on PSVR2 (our Astro Bot test can be viewed here).


Beat Saber : because Beat Saber is available for ALL VR media on the market, period.

No Man’s Sky : the fabulous space exploration games from Hello Games will also necessarily be upgraded for the PSVR2, because the game is already available for the PSVR 1 and the studio developers are workaholics.


Hitman III VR : the game was released almost a year ago on PSVR and recently on PCVR (in a version that was highly criticized by the way). Agent 47 should be on deck in brand new gear for PSVR 2.

Wipeout VR : already stunning on the first PSVR of the name, the futuristic racing game will undoubtedly return even more beautiful (is it possible?) on the PSVR 2.


FarPoint : the best FPS of PlayStation VR should take advantage of the technical leap of PS5 and PSVR 2.

dreams : Media Molecule’s extraordinary creation tool, which is now used for filmmaking, is sure to benefit from an update to the PSVR 2.


stormland : the contract binding the game of Insomniac Games (studio first party from Sony, let’s remember) to Oculus has expired, and therefore, the post-apo game that puts you in the shoes of a robot now has a 100% chance of finishing its race on PSVR 2.

The Unspoken : this magician’s fighting game is also a creation of Insomniac Games, and again, the contract linking the studio to Oculus has just expired.


  • Games not announced on the PSVR2 but highly probable:

Astro Bot 2 : the cute little robot is one of Sony’s mascot in addition to being the symbol of the studio first party Asobi. The incredible success of Astrobot almost guarantees a sequel for the PSVR 2.

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Moss II : freshly announced for the first PSVR of the name, Moss II will be released a few months before PSVR 2, and should therefore benefit from a version next-gen on this support quite quickly.


Farpoint II : the creator of the game has clearly hinted on Twitter that a sequel is possible (so likely, so maybe even already in development). The best PSVR FPS, even better in its second version on PSVR 2?

  • The games not announced on the PSVR2, not necessarily probable, but which we still hope for a LOT:

Half Life Alyx : the reference of the FPS on VR (and of VR for that matter), would be quite a catch for the PSVR 2 and would allow to prove everything that the combo PSVR 2 + PS5 has in the belly.

Resident Evil VIII : after an episode VII in VR (on PSVR by the way) and in first person view, Resident Evil Village (VIII) is still played in first person… and in VR on PSVR 2? Frankly, that would be a huge announcement.

The Last Guardian VR : remember that short VR experience of The Last Guardian on PSVR? Sony did not want to cross the Rubicon of the complete port of the game on VR, and it was undoubtedly a big mistake as the game stuck perfectly with the VR display. Since then, Japan Studios have been closed by PlayStation, and therefore the chances of a port of this title on PSVR 2 are almost nil. We have the right to dream after all…

God of War VR : so yes, the adventures of Kratos are played in third person, but the sublime PCVR port of the no less sublime Hellblade proves that VR makes sense for this type of game. Not to mention that GoW would be a huge flagship for support .

Wipeout II : again, the percentage is close to zero since the studio behind the first game has closed its doors, but we want to believe it so badly…

So that’s it for our (long) list of games announced or expected on the PSVR2. If you think we missed some titles that deserve to be included, please let us know in the comments section.

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