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Pixel Notepad: the price of Google’s foldable smartphone is revealed


Google will enter the foldable smartphone market (with a model that would have the name Pixel Notepad) and its price is revealed today thanks to information from 9to5Google.

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A significant price for Google’s foldable smartphone

Google would like to sell its foldable smartphone at a price around 1,400 dollars. It is therefore not given, far from it. For example, there would be a difference of 500 dollars with the Pixel 6 Pro. But at the same time, this Pixel Notepad would be more affordable than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 which costs $1,799.

Although the price may change over time, this could explain why the smartphone is taking longer than expected to hit the market. It was at one point reported that work on the foldable Pixel was put on hold while Google reworked the design. Part of that could be Google trying to lower the cost as much as possible to better compete with Samsung.

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Previous rumors have indicated that the foldable Pixel will feature older cameras that were on previous Pixels, which could be an area where the company is cutting costs. Beyond that, it’s unclear what other compromises Google is making to hit its target price.

Several details are currently missing. There is at least one exit slot. There would be a delay between the American release and the international release. As for the international, the release would be at the end of 2022.

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