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Parkinson’s unit in Ydes: a petition to save the only center dedicated to Parkinson’s


Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in France, after Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly 25,000 new cases are recorded each year and 15-20% of new patients are under 65 (source 1).

At the Mauriac Hospital Center (Cantal), Ydes Parkinson’s Unit (UPY) has long been the only long-term care unit (USLD) dedicated to welcoming patients from all over France. But it had to close its doors, despite the mobilization of caregivers and families.

The Cantal regional health agency (ARS) announced the closure of the Ydes center last year, due to the drop in the number of residents. But “officially, the Mauriac hospital center no longer wants to financially ensure the replacement of staff by temporary workers. For budgetary reasons“, explains Dr. Pauline Brethome, head of the UPY, to the daily The mountain (source 2). The last two residents had to leave the premises on Wednesday February 2 and “the premises will be closed for February 13”, she specifies.

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An innovative alternative to the hospital

The UPY had opened in 2012 and consisted of 12 beds. Most residents were welcomed for a long stay and supervised by a team of doctors who visited them once a week. This unit allowed meet the needs of Parkinson’s patients who are too dependent to stay at home, but not sick enough to be hospitalized.

“This unit is the missing link in the chain of medico-psycho-social resources which is organized around the patient when his illness becomes complex and disabling, a source of physical, psychological and cognitive degradation. This unit makes sense. It has demonstrated its efficiency. It has been inspiring for many territories since its opening”, asserts the Collective of Opposition to the closure of the Parkinson’s Unit in Ydes (source 3).

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“What Stéphanie Samyn, the director of the Mauriac hospital center tells us, is that the closure is temporary and that the UPY will be able to reopen under conditions of not having recourse to the interim”, indicates Pauline Brethome. However, the collective is concerned about receiving “disturbing contradictory information”.

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