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Parental control offered by default on devices: the law was voted in the National Assembly


It was expected. The bill on the default installation of parental control on electronic devices has just been passed unanimously at first reading by the 82 voters present in the National Assembly. According to the terms of the new law, any manufacturer of a connected device must offer parental control “when the equipment is first put into service”, then parents are free to activate this function or not. The law also implies that manufacturers who have not integrated parental control tools into their devices will have to quickly make the necessary updates (withdrawal from sale may be considered in case…).

Make no mistake: parental control will not be activated by default but offered by default when the device is first activated, which is not quite the same thing. The list of devices targeted by the law is as long as a day without bread. Computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and generally all connected devices with a screen are concerned. Many of them already have a built-in parental control function, but far fewer offer this option by default.

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The law will still have to go through the Senate to be definitively validated and receive the favorable opinion of the CNIL.

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