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OtherSight and Wooorld: the world in his living room and on Meta Quest (trailers)


VR technologies are mainly used today in the professional sector (training, work meetings, modeling and prototyping), and of course for video games (video media consumption will undoubtedly take off when screens really reach 4K per eye) . The giants of Metaverse, current or future, already seem to be betting on new uses in VR, such as fitness (Meta recently acquired one of the giants in the sector) or even tourism. In quick succession, two applications intended for the Meta Quest 2 illustrate like a tremor on the side of VR tourism.


Thereby Wooorld (from the Wooorld studio) will allow you to travel all over the planet by displaying large areas directly in your living room. The title is based on Google Earth APIs and Meta Quest Passthrough (AR) APIs. This multiuser application is promising, but the small studio does not yet specify a release date on Meta Quest.

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OverSight is available in the Oculus Store since yesterday (17 euros). This app does not offer many places to visit – a street in Havana (Cuba), alleys in Tokyo (Japan) and a Museum in Madrid (Spain) – but the rendering is absolutely striking, the studio having used the technique of photogrammetry to obtain a very high level of detail. This is what really comes closest to a form of VR tourism, and here again, we say to ourselves that with 4K micro OLED screens, there would probably be enough to believe in it altogether.

OverSight VR 1024x575

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