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OQEE: Free tease the arrival of its TV interface on the Chromecast


Free’s OQEE TV interface will land on a new medium, namely Google’s Chromecast. This is a way to please more customers, since more and more devices welcome the interface. This is no longer reserved for the Freebox.

Soon OQEE on Google Chromecast

It is through Twitter that Free teased the arrival of OQEE on the Chomecast. The official Twitter account quoted a tweet referring to Google’s HDMI stick and said: “Tick tock, tick tock” with an Emoji having its mouth closed with a zipper. It’s hard to say for now when it will be available, but it seems to be soon.

Initially, Free’s TV interface was available on the Freebox Pop. We then saw it on new media, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV and boxes and televisions that run on Android TV. It turns out that the Chromecast runs on Android TV/Google TV. We can therefore imagine that Free does not have much to adapt to support Google’s HDMI key.

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Patience therefore to have the right to the new support. It can be a matter of days or a matter of weeks. Free does not give a precise date for the moment.

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