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OnePlus would prepare several foldable smartphones for 2023


OnePlus would have not one but several foldable smartphones that would see the light of day in the course of 2023. This would be an important step for the brand knowing that it does not even offer a single model to date.

Foldable smartphones from OnePlus for 2023

The leak of several foldable smartphones comes from Max Jambor. The leaker is generally well informed in everything related to the OnePlus universe and he was often right. We can therefore imagine that his usual sources are those who announced the various smartphones to him.

It is not yet known what general design these foldable devices will adopt, but rumors have been circulating in recent months about a model based on the Oppo Find N. The latter is a particularly interesting device because it adopts a form factor more short but wider than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, giving users access to a more usable external display and a more compact device overall.

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The Oppo Find N has a vertical hinge and a similar form factor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. In other words, it has a primary screen that folds inwards as well than an external secondary display. It’s also possible that OnePlus will launch a smaller, more affordable version in the same genre as the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which has a clamshell design.

Another unknown piece of information concerns availability. Will OnePlus’ foldable smartphones only be available in China? Or will we also see them internationally? It’s a mystery at the moment.

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