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one dead and three injured in shooting at Heidelberg University


A shooting took place on Monday, January 24, on the campus of the University of Heidelberg, in the south-west of Germany. According to local police, a man equipped with a ” long gun » would have entered the amphitheater of the Neuenheimer Feld University around one o’clock in the afternoon. In a first report, the local authorities mentioned four injured people including a young woman in serious condition. She died of her injuries.

The author himself is dead ” indicates a press release from the police which evokes the track of a lone wolf. Mannheim police spokesman Stefan Wilhelm later confirmed that the shooter ” then committed suicide “. Investigators insist. They have, for the moment, not aware of a letter of claim » and call not to speculate on the motivations of the assailant.

Public broadcaster Südwestrundfunk reports that the university has asked students not to attend. The media, however, indicates that there would be ” no more imminent threat “. These shootings are rare across the Rhine. Following attacks, in Erfurt in the east of the country, in April 2002, and in Winnenden, in the south-west, in March 2009, the legislation on carrying weapons had been reinforced. Both shootings took place in schools.

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