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Nvidia could abandon the acquisition of ARM


According to the very serious Bloomberg (reported by Reuters), Nvidia would be very close to giving up the takeover of the British RMA. In 2020, the GPU manufacturer had put on the table 35.5 billion euros in order to recover ARM in its lap, an operation which very quickly found itself in the crosshairs of the regulatory authorities of several countries, in particular in the States. United States (the FTC seeks to block the takeover), in England, and even in Europe (which has opened an investigation).

Faced with the scale of the legal battles to be waged, Nvidia would therefore have preferred to throw in the towel, going so far as to warn its various partners that the closing of the takeover was now an unlikely option. We note that in parallel with Nvidia’s moods, the Japanese operator SoftBank is actively preparing the IPO of ARM (IPO), which could considerably increase the company’s redemption value and therefore put it even more at risk. safe from a takeover bid. As a reminder, all current mobile processors (from Exynos to Snapdragon via Apple’s Ax) are based on the ARM architecture.

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