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Normandy: recall and screening of patients from a dental center after a hygiene check


This is an alert, given by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Normandy, which concerns thousands of patients. At the end of January, the latter asked a dental health center located at 3 rue du Général Leclerc in Rouen to recall patients. In question, “various breaches likely to call into question the safety of care observed during an inspection carried out in November, as confirmed by the France 3 Normandie and Ouest France sites. The experts have reported hygiene problems concerning the keeping of the premises, but above all the insufficient sterilization medical devices. “Faced with this situation, corrective measures were immediately requested. “, indicates the agency which has, in addition, asked the dental health center to recall patients.

This reminder made in application of the precautionary principle takes the form of a letter, inviting these patients to go to their attending physician for serological screening. The desire to inform patients is due to the low risk of transmission for the hepatitis B virus, and very low for the hepatitis C virus and HIV. “Each patient concerned is informed by post to his home by the dental health center, and invited to consult his attending physician so that the latter can give him appropriate medical information and prescribe the appropriate screening tests. “, indicates the ARS, not without specifying that the attending physicians and laboratories have indeed been contacted upstream by its care “in order to to ensure the correct information of all the actors concerned. »

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Corrective measures adopted following this inspection, a toll-free number opened

“They found anomalies at the level sterilization, disinfection “, tells France 3 Normandy Alain Duret, vice-president of the regional council of dental surgeons of Normandy. In all, 80 points were raised by the inquiry committee. “It is serious, especially at the level of the instrument sterilization. According to Ouest France, all patients who have consulted this practice since it opened in 2019 should be contacted. Contacted by the newspaper, the head of the cabinet confirms that the “shortcomings were immediately corrected, as the ARS was able to verify during his return visit “. According to her, none of the five dentists in the practice has been given formal notice individually. “Our center has provided the ARS with all the guarantees required to continue its activity in compliance with hygiene standards and quality of care the strictest. “, she adds.

In its press release, the ARS Normandie indeed affirms that a ” inspection visit (which took place at the end of January) made it possible to observe the return to secure operation of the structure and the fulfillment of the commitments made by the manager. » For the patients concerned, the dental health center has made available a telephone platform in order to answer their questions (0805 293 000 from Monday to Friday) and to direct those who do not have a general practitioner. This event also led the director of the ARS to send a letter to professionals in the oral sector in the region to remind them “of their ethical and regulatory obligations in terms of respect for good hygiene practices and prevention of diseases associated with dental care. »

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This letter will echo the charter of good practices for oral care (available online) published by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health in partnership with the national order of dental surgeons. The latter, accessible to both patients and professionals, recalls the practices to be observed in terms of information, quality, safety and traceability of care provided in this area. The Fance 3 Normandie site also indicates that thirty deputies tabled a bill on January 25, the objective of which is to “better regulate the opening and operation of health centers. Among the measures proposed, the fact of appointing among the employees a dental surgeon referent or doctor ophthalmologist within each center.

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