Home Technology NOCK: the VR game that mixes Rocket League with archery! (trailer)

NOCK: the VR game that mixes Rocket League with archery! (trailer)


Normal is the name of the VR studio behind Half + Half, a totally original and crazy VR title which also has the merit of being totally free (available on PCVR and Meta Quest). As you have to believe that the little guys from Normal definitely don’t like to do like everyone else, their next title will be NOCK, a multiplayer VR sports game whose gameplay looks like an unlikely cross between Rocket League… and archery!


In NOCK, the player will try to push the ball into the opponent’s goal… by shooting arrows at it. To add a touch of madness to this already quite “WTF! “, some arrows will activate special moves. The graphic design is refined (this will at least have the merit of making the action readable), and strangely, what we owe in the first trailer seems rather catchy. Planned on PCVR and Meta Quest, NOCK does not yet have a release date (it would be the devil if we went beyond 2022 anyway…).

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