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New signed media timeline: Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video will release movies faster


The new media timeline has been signed off and is going to allow streaming platforms like Netflix to deliver movies faster after theatrical release. There is a notable gain compared to the previous chronology, but we are still on significant deadlines if we compare with the rest of the world.

Shorter timelines with the new media timeline

With the new media chronology, Canal+ can broadcast films 6 months after theatrical release, compared to 8 months until now. This is explained by the fact that the encrypted channel is committed to making an investment of 190 million euros per year in French cinema.

Then there is streaming and more precisely Netflix which will be able to broadcast the films 15 months after the cinema release. The lead time so far was 36 months. In return, the streaming service undertakes to produce at least 10 films per year and to invest around 40 million euros in French industry. “This agreement is a significant first step in modernizing the media timeline. It reflects our constructive approach throughout the negotiation process and our commitment to contributing to French cinema.”Netflix told Le Monde newspaper.

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Disney Plus vs Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix vs Apple TV Plus Logos

What about Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video? The delay was until now 36 months, it now increases to 17 months, two months more than Netflix. This is explained by the fact that the two platforms are not among the signatories of the interprofessional agreement. Therefore, the delay is a little more important.

No particular change for free channels

Finally comes free television (TF1, M6 and France Télévisions) with broadcast 22 months after the theatrical release. This does not change from the previous media timeline. Even so, the free channels wanted to preserve the exclusivity of their window by requesting that films be removed from streaming platforms for 14 months when broadcast on television. Eventually, Netflix got a reduction to one month. Then, the platform will be able to negotiate upstream, with the channel and the producer, a co-exploitation of the works allowing it to keep the film while it is programmed in clear.

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Still no simultaneous output

This new media timeline still does not allow simultaneous streaming and theatrical release, unlike other countries. Thus, if a film is released in cinemas, it is subject to the deadlines indicated here. Some studios sometimes do simultaneous releases, especially in the United States.

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