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Neuralink is looking for a director of clinical trials: the first human guinea pigs soon?


After the pigs and the pong-playing monkey, Neuralink could pass the second and launch this year the first tests of its brain-machine interface with human guinea pigs (it was a promise from Elon Musk). These tests are all the more necessary since Neuralink’s technology is invasive and requires placing filaments as fine as hair in the skull, filaments themselves connected to a kind of super EEG which analyzes neuronal signals and interprets them from so as to be able to control other interfaces “by thought” (computer, game console, word processor, etc.). In addition, successful completion of these trials is a required step in obtaining FDA approval (Food and Drug Administration).

Eventually, Neuralink will be similar to a simple headset that will communicate with a neural implant

Elon Musk’s other company has therefore started looking for a Director of Clinical Trials, the job title clearly specifying that it will be a question of planning clinical trials with “participants” (humans therefore ). At this stage, it is still impossible to know where Neuralink really is in the preparation of these tests (have future guinea pigs been approached?), but one thing is certain, Neuralink is moving forward in its worthy technological project of a science fiction film.

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