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Netflix’s next interactive series will be a quiz based on the video game Trivia Crack


After Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy against the Reverend, Netflix continues to dig the furrow of the interactive series with Trivia Quest, a new program “of which the spectator will be the hero” based on the ultra popular video game Trivia Crack. In detail and to put it simply, Trivia Quest will be a quiz (question style for a champion), with nice animations of the game’s mascot between each series of questions. 24 different questions will thus be proposed to spectators-players… every day in April!

There’s even a semblance of a storyline (yes!): viewers will have to help a character Willy save the people of Trivia Land from the villainous Evil Rocky, the latter intent on collecting all the knowledge in the world for his own ends. claims. Each time the viewers reach different checkpoints of each of the levels, prisoners of Evil Rocky are freed. No need to fear in case of errors: it will be possible to redo the quizzes indefinitely in order to save Trivia Land.

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The Trivia Quest animated series is directed by Daniel Calin and Vin Rubino, and produced by Sunday Sauce Productions. The first episode will air on Netflix on April 1 (and that’s no joke)

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