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NBA: Nothing serious for Gobert


Hit in the calf at the end of the game at Golden State on Sunday, Utah pivot Rudy Gobert is not suffering from anything serious, according to ESPN. The French pivot could even miss the next meeting of his team, against Phoenix in Arizona on Monday. In the best case.

Jazz fans can blow: Rudy Gobert, injured Sunday against Golden State, does not suffer from anything serious. He could even make his return in the second game of the week against Phoenix. While their superstar Donovan Mitchell has missed the last three games with a concussion, it was Salt Lake City’s other franchise superstar, Rudy Gobert, who had Salt Lake City franchise fans shivering. . The French pivot suffered a calf injury in the fourth quarter of the 94-92 loss to Golden State on Sunday and left the floor 2’30 from the end, after scoring 12 points and taking 18 rebounds.

After the meeting, the triple best defender of the year had confided that he had not wanted to take the slightest risk. ” I felt it right away… I walked, and I felt something in my calf. I knew there was something. I tried to play with it, but I could feel that I wasn’t moving as usual, and I didn’t want to make it worse. I’ve never really had that in the past, so I don’t know… It’s hard to say how many games or how long it’s going to take to heal. Sometimes you have to be smart. If it’s a contracture and you’re making it worse, it can get much worse. »

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Gobert could play the second game of the week against Phoenix

Very rarely injured (he missed six matches in the last three seasons), Rudy Gobert hoped that it was only a contracture and the exams that “Gobzilla” had to pass during the day were awaited by all the staff of the Jazz. Especially as soon as the French pivot is absent, Utah coughs. This was seen again at the beginning of the month when the Saint-Quentinois missed five games after contracting the coronavirus. Utah had lost four straight games by conceding a lot of points. Fortunately for the Jazz, the exams revealed that Gobert did not suffer from anything serious.

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ESPN thus let it be known on Monday a few hours before the Mormons’ match against the Suns in Arizona that in the best of cases, the three-time best defender in the League, whose exams reassured everyone, him first, could even miss only this first match in two days against Devin Booker and his teammates. At worst, he will also miss the second meeting (on the Utah floor), knowing that he could also very well play it. Very good news for the French pivot as for his team, which should only briefly be deprived of its star interior.

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