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NBA: Durant regrets the attitude of the Nets


While the Nets lost this Saturday against the diminished Clippers, Kevin Durant strongly criticized the behavior of his training during the post-game press conference.

Kevin Durant had a message to convey. A few minutes after the setback conceded by the Brooklyn Nets on their floor against the reduced Los Angeles Clippers, the winger of the New York franchise appeared at a press conference and did not hide a certain irritation with the way his team concluded the game. “ We slack off too much, assured Kevin Durant on this occasion. We were leading by ten points, we missed shots, we lost balls. We missed opportunities. “

Echoing the words of his coach Steve Nash, who conceded that his team did not deserve to win against the Clippers, the 33-year-old player was not kind to his teammates. ” We came here with an attitude of…, he assured. Thinking that we would easily win a victory. However, Kevin Durant added that it was ” natural “to have such an attitude” when a team is deprived of so many players in front “. The former Thunder and Warriors player added that his team ” didn’t expect to lose a match this way, facing the Clippers who “ play with guys who come from the G-League “.

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However, Kevin Durant hopes his teammates will ” keep this loss in mind “. ” IWe must understand the importance of individual work in the service of the collective. We need to improve on this., added the Nets winger during this press conference. It’s always the team that counts. So if you feel good after this game, then you have to look in the mirror. Remaining on two defeats in a row, the franchise of “Big Apple” will have the opportunity to relaunch this Monday on the occasion of the reception of the Memphis Grizzlies while a shock against the Milwaukee Bucks of Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is just behind in the Eastern Conference standings, looms.

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