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NASA tries to calm the game after the resounding declarations of the director of Roscosmos


Russian-American tensions have flared up amid the war in Ukraine. A few days ago, President Joe Biden announced that he would weaken the Russian space industry by prohibiting the import into Russia of all high-tech components produced in the United States. Following these statements, Dmitry Rogozinthe head of the Russian space agency Roscosmosthreatened to abandon the navigation and guidance of the international space station, in particular via the Russian cargo ship Progress, which would mechanically lead to the de-orbiting of the station and its crash on Earth.

Faced with these aggressive remarks, NASA preferred to play the de-escalation card: “NASA continues to work with all of its international partners, including the State Space Corporation Roscosmos, for the safety of ongoing International Space Station operations”said the agency’s spokesperson, Joshua Finch. “The new export control measures will continue to enable US-Russian civil space cooperation. No changes are planned to the agency’s support for ongoing in-orbit and ground operations.”.

The American space agency therefore makes it clear that for its part there is no question of breaking off collaboration with the Russian side, despite the American embargo on exports to Russia. Does this mean that the space sector could be (relatively) spared from the restrictions imposed by the United States? For the moment, it is still very difficult to see clearly…

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