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Morant, the most spectacular counter in history? (video)


Ja Morant was still acting up last night during the clash between the Lakers and the Grizzlies.

The rookie of the year 2020 split a monumental counter on Avery Bradley. Enough to bluff the Crypto.com Arena.

Even LeBron James claps with both hands: “ It was great timing. It was like he was stalking his prey… I didn’t know he could do something like that… He has rockets in his calf muscles, it’s not possible. It really is a spectacular game! »

The Clipper Nicolas Batum thus dares the (real) question: “ Is this the most athletic counter ever? » « I did not say the best “, specifies the one who last summer also hit the headlines by placing a monstrous and decisive counter against Slovenia, in the Olympic semi-final.

Two years ago, for his first season in the NBA, the impetuous Ja Morant had already distinguished himself by trying his hand at a stratospheric dunk against the Cavs and the unfortunate Kevin Love, 2m03 under the fathom. A gesture that echoed Vince Carter’s legendary dunk at the expense of Frédéric Weis.

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