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“Military operation”, genocide, neo-Nazis and nuclear fire: the tools of Russian propaganda


War requires discipline and Vladimir Putin knows how to impose it. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the president and the official Russian media have redoubled their inventiveness to justify the need for military intervention in this neighboring country. This propaganda, which mixes exaggerations, lies, exaltation of national feeling and unexplained miscellaneous facts, is a specialty of Russian power. ” No surprise: Vladimir Putin put the media under his control from the year 2000, when he came to power ”, reminds Marianne the historian, specialist in Russia and Vladimir Putin, Françoise Thom. Marianne looked at five tools of propaganda, in the service of war.

1. Do not speak of war, but of “military operation”

In St. Petersburg, the media never use the word invasion, they talk about a military operation “, explains to Marianne Franck, a young French student living in Saint-Petersburg for 3 months. The expression is everywhere, from the titles of the major Russian media to the elements of language used by the various journalists or presenters of the channels subservient to the power. On Monday, February 28, President Vyacheslav Volodin approved a bill aimed at punishing “lies” about the actions of Russian troops. In his article on ” What’s happening in Ukraine », published on February 24, the correspondent of the popular tabloid Komsomolskaïa Pravda (KP) begins by explaining why this intervention is a special operation and not a war. There is no way ” to occupy the territory of Ukraine ” but of ” protect the civilian population of Donbass “, continues the journalist.

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The daily Izvestia also presents the conflict by quoting the words of the spokesperson for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova. This announces that the objective of the operation is “ to prevent a world war “. It is not Russia that is waging a war against Ukraine, but Ukraine that is waging a ” bloody war in the Donbass for eight years “.

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