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Microsoft stops production of Xbox One


It’s not a troll, but it still looks like a little nudge in passing. Whereas sony announces to relaunch the production of PS4 to financially compensate for the shortage of components for the PS5, Microsoft for its part confirms that the production of Xbox One is indeed definitively stopped, and that this does not date from today.

Cindy Walker, Marketing Director at Xbox, made a small clarification during an interview with a journalist from The Verge site: “To focus on Xbox Series X/S production, we have halted production of all Xbox One consoles at the end of 2020”. In other words, Microsoft completely stopped production of Xbox One as soon as Xbox Series sales started.

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X and Official Controller

To be completely fair, Xbox is not quite in the same situation as Sony even if the shortage of components affects the two manufacturers indiscriminately. Thus, Microsoft has in its catalog the Xbox Series S, whose components are much less in “tension” than those of the Series X and the PS5. It is also the good sales of Xbox Series S that allowed the Xbox Series to exceed sales of the PS5 in November, and to be almost equal in December.

In addition, Microsoft can probably more easily be satisfied with the current situation: Xbox Series sales exceed those, at the same time, of all other Xbox models, while the PS5 struggles to match the thundering scores of the PS4 (even if in the end it sold around 1.6 PS5 for 1 Xbox Series over the past 12 months).

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