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Miami was the strongest


On the night of Monday to Tuesday, as part of the NBA regular season, the Miami Heat very clearly disposed of the Chicago Bulls (112-99) while the Brooklyn Nets were sharply beaten by the Toronto Raptors (97-133 ).

Game of the Night: Miami Heat – Chicago Bulls

It was the clash in the East. Finally, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, as part of the NBA regular season, the Miami Heat, leader of the Eastern Conference standings, very clearly beat the Chicago Bulls, his runner-up (112-99). For the third time in as many confrontations, the Heat therefore had the last word. However, it is indeed Zach LaVine who finished top scorer of this meeting, with personal statistics of 22 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. But that was not enough, especially against the Tyler Herro-Gabe Vincent duo. In this meeting, the Bulls were deceived only at the very beginning of the game. Because, then, Chicago never led again and only suffered, with a delay which continued to increase, throughout this meeting, to reach, in the end, +13.

The MVP of the night: Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies)

He is definitely unstoppable. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, as part of the NBA regular season, American point guard Ja Morant, now only 22 years old and drafted in second position, during the 2019 edition of the Draft, by the Memphis Grizzlies franchise, set a brand new career high. In effect, the native of Dalzell in the State of South Carolina in the United States presented personal statistics of 52 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. Enough to make him the best scorer of his franchise, but also the best scorer of this new meeting. A meeting that his current franchise, namely the Memphis Grizzlies, has very clearly pocketed, against the San Antonio Spurs (118-105).

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The flop of the night: Brooklyn Nets

The relapse is rather brutal. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, as part of the NBA regular season, the Brooklyn Nets suffered a heavy relapse, on their own floor, against the Toronto Raptors (97-133). A heavy defeat which comes after, however, a victory at the Milwaukee Bucks (123-126). This time, there was therefore no photo, notably against Scottie Barnes, who finished top scorer in his franchise but also top scorer in this meeting, with a double-double in the key and personal statistics of 28 points, 16 rebounds and 4 assists. However, at the very start of the match, the locals managed to make equal play with their one-night opponent. But very quickly, the difference was felt and the visitors soared to the score, to take a +36 lead.

The French of the night: Olivier Sarr (Oklahoma City Thunder)

It was a nice evening for him, despite everything. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, as part of the NBA regular season, the Oklahoma City Thunder was beaten on its own floor by the Sacramento Kings (110-131). Nevertheless, this did not prevent the pivot Olivier Sarr (23 years old) from signing his career best, with, in the end, personal statistics of 12 points, with a very solid 5/8 on shots, not to mention 4 rebounds. A very good omen for the one who signed, only a short week ago, a “two way” contract with this franchise, which currently occupies the fourteenth and penultimate place in the Western Conference standings. Sarr should certainly be able to continue, he who has until the end of the season to continue to show himself.

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Monday, February 28, 2022
Cleveland Cavaliers- Minnesota Timberwolves : 122-127
Orlando Magic – Indiana Pacers: 119-103
Brooklyn Nets- Toronto Raptors : 97-133
Miami Heat –Chicago Bulls: 112-99
Memphis Grizzlies –San Antonio Spurs: 118-105
>>> Killian Tillie (MEM) (3 points (1/3 on shots, 1/3 to 3pts and 0/0 on free throws), 2 rebounds, 0 assists, 1 foul, 0 interceptions, 0 lost ball and 0 against in 15 minutes of play).

Milwaukee Bucks –Charlotte Hornets: 130-106
Oklahoma City Thunder- Sacramento Kings : 110-131
>>> Olivier Sarr (OKC) (12 points (5/8 on shots, 1/2 to 3pts and 1/2 on free throws), 4 rebounds, 0 assists, 4 fouls, 0 interceptions, 0 lost ball and 0 against in 26 minutes of play).
>>> Théo Maledon (OKC) (9 points (3/9 on shots, 2/6 on 3pts and 1/2 on free throws), 1 rebound, 4 assists, 1 foul, 3 steals, 1 lost ball and 0 against in 19 minutes of play).

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