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Metavers: the French don’t know what it is… but are already very afraid of it (study)


The observation could be made in many areas: the less we know something, the more we fear it. Thus, a survey conducted jointly by the Talan innovation consulting firm and the Ifop institute shows that between the French and the Metavers, it is still misunderstanding that dominates. At the question “Have you ever heard of the Metavers? », only 35% of respondents answered in the affirmative, and only 14% know “precisely what it is”. Unsurprisingly, the youngest (18-49 years old) are the best informed (from 40 to 42% of positive answers) while those aged 65 and over are completely left out (28% of positive answers).

Unsurprisingly again, almost one in two men know the Metavers (46%), which means that the average score (35% who are aware) is mainly pulled down by the female population. We also note that the higher and intermediate professions are clearly more aware than the others (61% know what the Metavers is). Many therefore do not know what the Metavers is, but many also know what it will be used for: for 60% of those questioned, the Metavers will mainly offer leisure, and for 58% all the same, this new technology could give access to culture (virtual museum for example).

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And here is the nice paradox: 65% of people questioned have never heard of the Metavers, but 75% still have fears about it. Young people are less cowardly (49%) than older people (80%), and 80% believe that the democratization of VR/AR will not help reduce carbon emissions. A fraction of the population, on the other hand, is very well connected to the latest digital innovations: 8% of French people say they have already owned cryptos, and 4 to 19% (depending on age group) are not put off buying digital goods with real money.

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