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Meta reveals a little more about the AR possibilities of its “Cambria” helmet (video)


Meta just released what can be considered the first-ever video of the mixed reality capabilities of its upcoming high-end XR headset cambria. After a reminder of the XR capacities of the Meta Quest 2 (but in black and white), so make way for color with Cambria, a helmet that really seems to eliminate the border between virtual reality and augmented reality.

To try to explain it in a simple way, the virtual elements, including the decoration, synchronize here perfectly with the real environment of the user, which makes it possible to move freely in the room (without knocking the furniture since you can see them) and participate in activities that look like a portal to a VR world (the demo of the little character Oppy is a bit reminiscent of the Roger Rabbit finale, with the world of the Toons totally visible from the world real).

This AR representation system is the Presence Platform, which brings together a new technology pass-through, ever more precise hand recognition, an SDK for voice recognition, and knowing of course that the Cambria helmet has dedicated sensors capable of scanning a room in 3D quickly and with great precision. Note that Meta also posted a short video on Instagram showing Mark Zuckerberg trying on the Cambria helmet (the latter being blurred). The Cambria headset should be released this year… if it’s not delayed (like so many electronic products, video games, etc.).

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