Home Technology Meta puts an end to Sparked, its video speed dating service

Meta puts an end to Sparked, its video speed dating service


This is only a half-surprise: Meta just ended sparkled, a service of speed dating video available since last year in some cities in the United States. Sparked users have been notified by email of the upcoming closure of the service, on January 20. All user accounts will be deleted on this date.

Sparked made it possible to open a video chat session of a few minutes with one of the people registered with the service. The lack of popularity of Sparked may be linked to the evolution of romantic/sexual encounters under the influence of apps of the type Tinder, where you just have to swipe to eject a profile or on the contrary put it in the list of potential “dates”.

Based on the principle of love at first sight (which is why physical criteria are so important here), these apps indeed reward a mode of cognition in which the promise/satisfaction of an immediate desire takes precedence over everything. another element that would make it possible to take a step back or reduce this desire.

Meta Sparked

A speed dating makes it possible to realize many aspects or data of the person which are absent from the Tinder system (attitudes, tone of voice, level of elocution, laughter, etc.), data which can influence positively but also very negatively on our initial choices (at first sight therefore). Unfortunately, there is a good chance that these data will no longer really interest users who want above all to confirm their choice at first glance (principle of Swipe Tinder), without going back. Love is blind, they say, but desire is even more so.

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