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Marvel and George RR Martin (Game of Thrones) are teaming up… for superhero comics!


Marvel signs with everyone, as long as it leads to successful series… with lots of superheroes in it! After the deal spent with HBO Max for the production of the series Blade (with the big Mahershala Ali in the role of the vampire hunter), the “house of ideas” has just teamed up with a new entertainment heavyweight, the author George RR Martin. The creator of the very prolific saga Game Of Thrones (adapted as a series by HBO) will work on the adaptation in comic form of the literary series Wildcards, written in collaboration with many authors (the collection is directed by RR Martin).

Wild Cards is a alternate history, and it is also in the books the name of an extra-terrestrial virus developed by a faction of the imaginary planet Takis. This virus is spread over New York on September 15, 1946, and almost instantly kills ten thousand people, the infected who survive then undergo horrible mutations and are called the Jokers. 1 in 10 infected develop superpowers. These are the Aces. The short stories also feature the character of Doctor Tachyon, a resident of Takis endowed with superpowered gifts (such as telepathy), who arrives on Earth to warn the Earth population of a massive biological attack.

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George RR Martin was of course delighted with the contract signed with Marvel: “Having the privilege of announcing that an industry titan like Marvel is going to produce the story from the beginning as a comic book gives me endless joy”. It is not certain however that the author of GoT is really involved in the creation of the Wild Cards comics. The scenarios will indeed be the work of Paul Cornell (who has already written several short stories for Wild Cards) and the graphic part will be provided by mike hawthornethe cartoonist of the comics Dead Pool. Volume 1 of Comics Wild Cards will be marketed in the United States (and in import or eBooks, no doubt about it) on June 1st.

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