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Markets, inflation and quarterly will mark the pace of the week


The week that starts on Monday 31 January will still be particularly demanding for investorsboth from an economic point of view with some meetings of the central banks, and from a corporate point of view with numerous announcements of the accounts relating to the year 2021.

Central banks divided between interventionists and moderates

As for the boom of the‘inflation Numerous appointments with central banks are expected during the week.

Thursday is on the calendar first meeting of the ECB in 2022 (monetary policy changes are not expected), with President Lagarde who should reiterate what she has recently expressed on the inflation front, which is considered by Frankfurt to be transitory and decreasing in the coming months after the peak recorded in December.

According to the analysts of Mps Capital, a weight, at least on the tone of Lagarde’s press conference, will be or will not be the preliminary data of inflation in the Euro area to be published on Wednesday, or the day before the meeting. The figure is expected to slow down (4.3% vs 5% previously) given the disappearance of the VAT increase in Germany. However, considering the “expensive bills”, upside surprises cannot be ruled out.

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Also Thursday is on the agenda meeting of the Bank of England (Boe) that to raise interest rates by 25bps to 0.5% given the jump in inflation to 5.4% recorded in December in the United Kingdom.

The meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia (Tuesday) and the Brazilian central bank (Wednesday), the latter is expected to raise interest rates by another 150bps to 10.75%.

At Piazza Affari quarterly in weight

On the corporate front, the publication of the quarterly reports in the US will continue in the next few days and that of important European companies, especially financial ones, will go live.

Ryanair accounts are expected on Monday; on Tuesday those of UBS, GM and Exxon; Wednesday those of Banco Santander, Ferrari; Thursday will be the turn of Banco Bilbao, ING, It is in the, CNH, Shell, BBVA, Amazon; while on Friday those of Intesa Sanpaolo and Sanofi.

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Focus on economic data

On the economic front, Monday in the euro area will be published on preliminary figure of relative GDP in the fourth quarter of 2021 (together with the similar Italian data), expected to grow by just 0.4% on a quarterly basis given the contraction recorded by the German one (published in the past week).

In the United States, all eyes are on the publication of the index ISM manufacturing (Tuesday) and, especially, to that of services (Thursday), expected under 60 for the first time in a year.

On the agenda also i data on the US labor market (Friday), with a focus on wage growth expected to rise to 5.2% from the previous 4.7%.

Expected increase in oil production

To try to curb the rise in prices of the Petroleum (with Brent which rose to $ 89 last week) on Wednesday the meeting of the cartel of producer countries OPEC + is expected, which will decide on the increase in production, expected to grow as planned by another 400 thousand b / d.

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