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Marc Endeweld: “What if Zemmour was the useful idiot in a deal between Bolloré and the Élysée?”


Marianne: You describe a country, France, its industry, its diplomacy and its rulers under the influence. Whose influence over whom?

Marc Endeweld: The starting point of the investigation is a double questioning: what is France’s place in a world that has turned into a terrain of economic and geostrategic confrontation between China and the United States? And why do our political, economic and diplomatic elites regularly find themselves at the center of increasingly serious conflicts of interest? How do the private interests of a few gradually replace strategic vision and state interests?

Two ideological tendencies oppose each other on the vision of what France’s place should be in the world: the Atlanticism of the neoconservatives and the Gaullo-Mitterrandian search for French independence. Why does one have the impression that Macron never knew how to choose, that he is tossed between the two?

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Indeed, Macron continues to take contradictory positions. This is more generally the case of French decision-makers, diplomats in particular, who seem overwhelmed by the strategic situation: they don’t know where they are going, they are in reality locked into a very dated world reading grid.

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