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Make a call and book, the anglicisms most hated by Italians


In the business world, the use of English words or Anglicisms. Sometimes, the same words are “Italianized”, effectively creating new ones. A phenomenon that, in recent years, has been favored by the increasingly massive use of social media, a space in which new words proliferate and emoji . For every term that goes out of style, there is usually an avalanche of new voices waiting in the wings to replace it.

To shed light on the phenomenon we thought a recent survey conducted by Preply.com, a global platform for language learning which, entering the heart of the corporate world, has highlighted the “words” most hated by those who work in the office.

Then there are a series of very frequent words and expressions that office workers are tired of hearing. First of all, “Make a call “ And “Book“: 40% and 38% of respondents respectively found these phrases annoying.
The contenders for second place were: “Impruvate” And “Shareare“, With 33%. While bronze goes the abbreviation Asap with 25%.
The positioning (22%), the brainstorming (20%), Log in (19%), lo strat plan (19%), coffee break (18%).

Not just Anglicisms

About emojiInstead, the results of the survey showed that the well-known yellow characters could soon become a thing of the past, at least when it comes to corporate communications and, in general, in the workplace.
And even more surprisingly, all generations seem to agree on this.

  • 66% of respondents believe the use of emojis in corporate communications is inappropriate.
  • The 67% of the interviewees think that emoticons have demeaned or, in any case, made business communication excessively informal.
  • The 30% of respondents believe that 3 is the absolute acceptable limit of consecutive emojis.
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