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Made in Italy for sale to the highest bidder


Made in Italy for sale to the highest bidder

by Emanuela Affatato

“Italy is no longer Italian”, this is the title of the investigative book by Mario Giordano. A title that makes you shiver and that highlights how much in recent years Italy has sold out to foreign “marauders” as the author calls them. Foreign acquisitions in the food, fashion, chemical and steel sectors. And now that the construction sector is relaunching, what will be the fate of this new sector?


Confcommercio reports a drop in consumption by 10.8% caused by the pandemic in 2020 and consequently the definitive closure of approximately 390 thousand companies non-food trade. But if we go back, even before the advent of Covid-19, Italian companies were already disappearing.

Great brands made in Italy had already been acquired by new foreign owners“Marauders” as Mario Giordano defines them in his investigation book “Italy is no longer Italian“. Marauders because they take the mark and run away. Foreign acquisitions are not limited to the big brands but also appropriate pieces of our history. For examplethe medieval castle of Casalburgone purchased by associates of Access Consciusness, the former Scientology.

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Just look around to realize that the French, Arabs, Japanese and Chinese are the masters in our house. For sporting goods the Decathlon of the French is first. The swedes with Ikea they Spaniards immediately after with Zara, Bershka and Pull & Bear respectively.

In fact, thinking about it, it sounds rather strange that made in Italy, which distinguishes us from all the others and is a source of pride for our country, has been sold like this. According to the Milan Polytechnic every 48 hours the foreigner takes over an Italian company.

In the fashion industry, Fila, Bulgari, Fendi, Pucci, Gucci these are just some of the brands conquered by the French, Chinese, Arabs, Americans and Koreans.

With the excuse of “growing economically”, every time Italian companies conclude a deal with a Qatari or American fund, they only end up dying. Just remember the crisis in the Biella area, says Mario Giordano: 15,000 jobs lost with over 1,000 businesses closed.

To make the situation even more tragic, the food sector joins the fashion sector. Parmalat, Galbani, Invernizzi, Cademartori, Pernigotti they have all been sold off. There Peroni now Japanese And Gancia is Russian. The oils Carapelli, Sasso and Bertolli they are no longer ours.

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Two bicycle factories, which throughout history have contributed to making us cycling champions, whites And Atala they no longer belong to us. And so too Ducati and the Lamborghini in the automotive sector they have abandoned us.

Ironically, as Mario Giordano points out again, even the mafia is no longer Italian. The supremacy now belongs to the Nigerian crime together with the Pekingese one.

China in particular is gradually appropriating everything. From Palazzo della Zecca in Rome to the Goldoni tractorsfrom bars to Pirelli.

Alongside the Chinese, the Arabs, who have completely taken the Costa Smeralda, the vertical forest and Torre Solariathe tallest residential building in Italy.

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