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Joe Biden, a year in the White House: the possibility of a flop


Thirty-three is not an insignificant number. This is the number of years Jesus of Nazareth would have lived. But it is also, according to the American polling institute Quinnipiac, the most recent approval rate for Joe Biden’s action in the United States. This is little. After a year of exercise of power, only Donald Trump had recorded worse ratings, to the point that the rumor is already taking shape of a crucifixion, sorry, of a resignation of the oldest American president before the end of the year 2022 The most revengeful supporters of Donald Trump want to believe it and exult in the mode “We told you, Biden is senile and will not hold up! ». Of the past twelve months, they retain only the very many weekends and days off taken by the tenant of the White House, proof, according to them, of his inability to lead the country…

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In reality, Joe Biden does have a problem with health. That of the country, above all, struck down by the Covid-19. Both one of the hardest hit (854,523 deaths) and one of the least vaccinated (63%) in the Western world. With in addition, currently, the highest daily average of new cases in the world according to statistics collected by Reuters. Certainly, the United States having reached its peak of contaminations, these damning data may soon be only a bad memory for the Biden administration. But, in the immediate future, they rather help to weigh it down.

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